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Dr. Samora P.Z. Wolokolie, Author: Forensic Accounting Analytics and Pension Fund Administration: A Study of Selected Administrators in Liberia. This book is in both Kindle and Paperback Versions.



The peril of fraud, corruption, and misfeasance are commonplace and are at the increase globally especially in Liberia. Forensic accounting or forensic auditing has emerged as a result of the surge in fraud. The aim of this book is addressed in three-fold. First, to absorb the art of forensic thinking among auditors; second, to stimulate and promote the understanding of basic forensic skills; and thirdly, to expand the stock of literature in forensic accounting and audit. Given this broad spectrum of objectives of this book, the characteristics of a forensic auditor were examined and skills, as well as objectives of the forensic audit were discussed. In the discussion of the application of forensic audit, both reactive and proactive accountings were examined which is followed by a highlight on the distinction between statutory audit and forensic audit. Detection techniques and steps in conducting forensic audits are also discussed. We shall also conclude that forensic audit practice can reduce the incidence of fraud even in the Pension Fund.

Combating Money Laundering: A Guide to Forensic Investigation Professionals

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